Friends of the Supergrid: Interconnecting Electricity for Europe’s sustainable growth!

The Friends of the Supergrid is an Association promoting the policy agenda for a European Supergrid. We combine companies in sectors that will deliver the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) infrastructure and related technology, together with others that will develop, install, own and operate that infrastructure.

Friends of the Supergrid advocates for an efficient, interconnected and resilient electricity grid to complement existing national transmission infrastructure. The Supergrid will secure the supply of a sustainable energy mix for Europe. This grid will foster economic welfare for the European citizens and create highly qualified jobs.

Therefore, Friends of the Supergrid fully endorses the creation of a truly harmonized and collaborative regulatory environment that will enable effective European energy system planning, attract investments and facilitate an equitable fast-track permitting process.

The Supergrid is fundamental to a clean energy future for Europe and is the necessary and indispensable piece of technology in creating an Energy Union.

It is our responsibility, as Friends of the Supergrid, to make it happen.

Pierre Bernard
CEO and Chairman of the Board